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Matapes Community School

Latakwen Community

Calao initiated its first operation in 2006 with the opening in 2006 of an educational program in the remote regions of Northern Kenya promoting literacy among the Samburus ethnic group, semi-nomadic herdsmen.  Their life is managed by the food needs of the cattle, which does not allow them to live in the vicinity of the schools. This project aims to provide literacy and health care to the Samburu community. To achieve these objectives, the construction of a kindergarten including a boarding school for children from 4 to 6 years old and the introduction of an evening school program for warriors and young girls were created.

After an exhaustive two-year study of the needs of the villages of Matapes (Latakwen region, N'Dolo Mountains), a kindergarten with a boarding school type structure was built for a maximum capacity of 60 children (2 classes and 2 dormitories).  An evening school program, Lchekuti, for children unable to attend school during the day and adults, was established.

The enthusiasm and confidence of the Samburu community towards our project was such that the registrations for the program far exceeded expectations.  However, the famine that has been occurring more and more periodically has caused the registrations to decline.

Despite this decline, more than 120 children are still participating in the program. Since 2009, the Kenyan government (through Latakwen Primary Schoo)l has taken over completly the activities of this school.

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