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At CALAO AFRICA, our top priority is to achieve results, and we know that our success depends on the quality of our campaigns and partnerships. Our approach is to build strategic networks and promote programs that will support our mission. All structures, that have been financed by Calao, such as recyling units or schools, have been designed in order to be transmited to local authorities or local stakeholders. One of our key points in our philosophy is to empower the local population with sustainable and autonomous tools.

The conservation of animal species and the development of populations living near them go hand in hand: supporting the education of people also contributes to the protection of animal species.

Within the framework of its intervention for the conservation of biodiversity, Calao ASBL interact with African schools in order to bring them support and help to design and implement classes dedicated to the knowledge of environment and biodiversity and the multiple methods to preserve them.

Calao proposes dedicated educational programs with the help and support of different partners in order to achieve a policy of sustainable development and awareness of environmental conservation. With the worsening effects of climate change, local population are increasingly aware of the need to act to protect their environment and thus safeguard endangered animal species and their ecosystems; over time, they hope to make biodiversity conservation a priority.

Calao is also active in concrete actions: beach cleanings, financing of plastic recyling units, etc..., as beyond their obvious positive impact, they often represent a perfect additional tool to our educational programs.

Our philosophy: Programs

A word from Sophie DECELLE, founder of CALAO

Biodiversity is under great threat. It is in significant decline almost everywhere but it is also estimated that 90 to 99% of species still remain undiscovered. Biodiversity is the most important resource of the Earth. Unsustainable practices are an enormous threat to the planet and to humankind.

CALAO was created in 2004 to make sure local communities in Western and Eastern Africa remain linked to their precious environment and receive a proper support to protect it.

CALAO believes education is THE key to a sustainable protection of our biodiversity. Thanks to its partners and donors, it has been able to act in multiple areas where environmental protection was in danger. 'Education = Conservation' is CALAO´s moto to provide practical actions and support the conservation of biodiversity.

I wish Calao follows its path to help local communities having access to education on environmental protection practices.

More than 18 years of my life have been dedicated to CALAO´s actions. Together we can make it !

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