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Latest news from our reycling unit in Sao Vincente

Calao and our partner in Cabo Verde, Biosfera, are glad to publish the latest developments of our recycling unit in Sao Vincente: Plast’icina.

We have received a new sheetpress, which allow us to produce bigger plates of recycled plastic. This will widen up significantly the spectrum of objects, that we will be able to produce. Possibilities are almost endless. Plast’icina director of operations, Hércules, has already developed some small benches and is now trying to develop table tops for school tables. We are developing new molds for keychains (turtles, sharks, birds). This summer, Biosfera has used some recycled plastic plates to mark the sea turtles nests that were moved into its nursery in Salamansa beach (see pic attached).

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