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5 benefits of volunteering as a family

The problems arising around waste, plastic and marine pollution are rapidly increasing in Cape Verde, with negative effects on the environment, marine ecosystems and populations. This is mainly due to the lack of proper waste treatment facilities on the islands, and the location of Cape Verde on the North Atlantic gyre and in line with the Canary current, which makes Cape Verdean beaches much more prone to accumulate waste that arrives from the sea. With this in mind, BIOSFERA and CALAOsigned a partnership agreement, in order to tackle these issues and start implementing actions leading to real change. With the support of CALAO, Biosfera will be implementing a pilot project on plastic transformation in São Vicente, based on circular economy principles, with the aim to transform discarded plastic (otherwise considered waste) into new and useful products, showing that waste can also be considered a valuable resource. Additionally, one of the main goals of this project is also to create awareness towards marine and plastic pollution and it’s impacts on marine animals, fishes and aquatic and coastal ecosystems. In order to tackle this, several teacher trainings on “Plasticologia Marinha” (Marine Plasticology) will be held in São Vicente and Santo Antão, based on the teaching methodology of Oceanário de Lisboa, the educational partner of the project.


On March 5th, Biosfera and Oceanário de Lisboa held the first two training sessions of “Plasticologia Marinha” to over 35 teachers from the municipality of Porto Novo, who were able to learn about the impacts of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems and species. By the end of the 3-hour training, the teachers had the tools to take these issues into their classroom, and to implement simple and educational activities with their students. The feedback of the first training sessions was very positive and Biosfera will continue to train teachers on these urgent matters throughout the year.

For more information regarding the partnership between CALAO and Biosfera, the pilot project on plastic transformation or the teacher’s trainings on “Plasticologia Marinha”, please contact:

For Biosfera Leila Teixeira Coordinator of Marine Pollution Department of Biosfera Email:

For Calao Aymeric THUAULT Project Manager – Education Project in Cabo Verde Email:

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